Learn Facials, Skincare, Hair Removal and MORE in Our Aesthetics Program

Students will develop a profound understanding of all aspects of Aesthetics technical skills and professional behavior necessary for careers in the beauty industry, through theory instruction and practical experience working on mannequins and ultimately clients.

This program is a 750 hour program and SDBA currently has a 100% pass rate with State Board of Cosmetology for Aesthetics.

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Feeling like it's time to find a job you really love? Imagine sharing your love for skincare, health, and beauty every day!

Becoming an esthetician opens up countless career opportunities -

  • Working in a Spa
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Makeup for Celebrities
  • Representing Beauty Brands
  • SO Much More!

Your inner creativity and passion for life are too precious to be wasted in a boring job. Am I right? Aesthetics allows passionate people to find career growth while helping others feel confident.


Strong Job Security

No matter how the economy shifts, a career in Aesthetics will always be in job demand. This means you always have a job!

Flexible Scheduling

Salons are open days, evenings, and weekends giving you the freedom to have a job you love and still have personal time.

Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss and finally feel free to express not suppress your creativity! You make the rules and call the shots


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